GDPR – One Year On


Today marks one year since General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect. Interesting, the Irish DPO seems to have taken a measured, constructive approach towards dealing with the 6600 complaints it’s received.  Having not yet issued a fine, the Irish DPO seems to be working towards a greater awareness of the requirements of the legislation. This certainly makes the small business we deal with, sleep a little easier. 

The widespread fear mongering of large fines and public humiliation has somewhat subsided.  On-going compliance is always going to be a struggle for SME’s who struggle with manpower and internal resources.  However, we must take GDPR more seriously than ever before, with robust, secure data governance at the foundation of virtually every aspect of business. I’d expect that the DPO’s approach will soon change – the gloves may come off.  The GDPR implementation period is over and we are truly deep in a privacy focused era.

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