Data Backup & Restore

When it comes to your backups do you know what exactly is being backed up? Files, email, databases?
When you delete a file how long will your backups software hold the file in retention before it is purged from the backup? Depending on your industry there may be legislated time periods – Does your backup provider know that?
As a business owner you need to be fully confident that your backups will work when required and the only way to do that is to run a Restore Test,

Give it a test yourself:

  • Create a new file today.
  • Delete the file tomorrow.
  • Try restore it from your backups in 7 days time or ask your IT team to do so.

Things you may learn:

  • Your backups do (or don’t) work!
  • Only certain data locations are backed up
  • Who needs to be involved in the restore process
  • How long a restore takes
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